How to get your ex backIn my quest for some enlightenment in how to repair and rekindle the love between a couple, I have studied many programs that analyze people’s behaviors in and out of a relationship and how to get your ex back. Each program has its strengths and weaknesses which will be presented objectively. Use the knowledge you will gather from this site as a set of tools to assist you as you work your way back from despair into having a renewed and stronger relationship with your ex.

The following are common mistakes that you have to avoid doing at all costs if you want any chance to get back with your ex.

Get Your Ex Chasing, Begging and Pleading After you

Common Mistakes People Make When They Try to Get Their Ex Back

Playing the Martyr

Are you guilty of accepting all the blame for the failure of your relationship even if that is most likely untrue? You might want to make your lover think that you are so repentant and say that everything bad that’s happened is your fault. You are washing off the blame from the other person, assuming they will think better now of you since you seem to be acting like a ‘mature’ individual. The reality is relationships fail because both sides have been inadequate at some point. This is definitely not the answer in how to get your ex back.

Denying That You’re At Faultget your ex back

Getting back with your ex can be quite tricky. The opposite, and just as unproductive, attitude to accepting all blame is to argue that you did not do anything wrong. By trying to make the other person believe that you are not the reason why the relationship is in the rocks, you are in effect implying that your lover is the one at fault. This behavior will not sit well with your partner and might widen the rift.

Using Emotional Blackmail

Getting back with your ex might be a huge struggle. You might be so lost in your depression that you might try your hand at emotional blackmail, even if subconsciously. Calling up your ex saying you’ll die without them or begging them to come back or else you won’t have any appetite to eat is a sure way to worsen the situation. True, your ex might come back to you, but it will be out of fear that you might actually do something stupid in case they don’t. Rest assured, they won’t stay for long.

Hounding and Stalking

We have to admit, we act a little silly during a break-up. But we should know not to cross the line between displays of heartbreak and real craziness. Texting your ex a thousand times a day, clogging their email inbox with sappy letters, or following them around everyday to see what they are doing will make your ex so paranoid and scared of your actions that they might end up filing a restraining order against you. This will guarantee that you will never be getting back with your ex.

Get Your Ex Chasing, Begging and Pleading After you