If you’ve ever been through a break-up, you’re sure to want to know if your ex feels just as miserable as you do or if your ex is remotely thinking of you. Does your ex still love you, care about you, miss you, or want to give you another chance?  Ask yourself if the relationship still be salvaged and if there’s still a chance in getting back together. What would be the indication or signs your ex wants you back?

signs your ex wants you back

It’s difficult to ignore the usual places where you used to hang out or go to spots where you know your ex’s friends would usually go to in the mere chance he/she would be there too. It makes you wonder, if you bump into him/her what would be the signs your ex wants you back.  When I was going through my break-up, I remember how rough it was emotionally. Always wondering, wishing and hoping for some obvious warning. One day, in my desperation in seeking for any signs my ex wants me back, I chanced upon a very helpful guide on just this very subject that provided answers to the heated questions I had.

Factors that Indicate Your Ex Still Has Feelings For You

Showing any kind of emotion

  • Does your ex hate you
  • Does your ex show anger towards you

Keeping some sort of contact

  • Phone calls
  • Text messaging
  • Emails

Using the Push Pull psychology on your subconscious

  • Curious as to what you’re doing then not caring the next moment
  • Over-attentive to your needs them turning cold the next minute

Being competitive

  • Openly admitting that your ex is over you to everyone you know
  • Bragging to friends that his/her life is better without you

signs your ex boyfriend girlfriend wants you back

I realized after witnessing it first hand that these are signs your ex wants you back. To be brutally honest, I saw these signs in myself. It made me understand that I was doing these exact same things. Though hard I try to tell myself that I was over my ex, when I asked myself, if given the opportunity, would I want to get back together again. The answer came so quickly. Yes.

As hard as I tried to ignore the facts staring straight at me, it’s always easier to have a clear understanding of what you’re going through by self help ebooks to help you get through your rough patch in life and come out with a valuable learning experience.

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