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My Ex Recovery System review gives importance in the value of having a guide to help you through this tough period. It’s a long and painful process which I learned to overcome the hard way. After having read the ebook ‘The Ex Recovery System: Understanding Your Man/Woman and How to Get Them Back in 30 Days’ by Ashley Kay, I can clearly see the stages I went through and what I could have done to make it easier for me.

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Contents of the Ex Recovery System Package

ex recovery system review

I. Understanding & analysis

• Step 1: where to go from here? Are you emotionally ready

a. Complete control technique

b. Instant emotion buster QUIZ: are you emotionally out of control?

• Step 2: what really went wrong

• relationship needs-the soul of a relationship

a. The biggest reasons why men leave

• Sex/intimacy

• Security

b. The biggest reasons why women leave

c. Short term relationships

d. Exercise 2-why your ex left

• Step 3: psychology behind your break up

• Secret psychology of your break up

a. Break up personality types

b. What is YOU’RE ex doing and what are they thinking now?

c. The poser of commitment and consistency

d. Stages of break up preparation

• Step 4: do you really want you ex back?

a. Quiz: should you get back together with your ex?

ex recovery review

The plan

• Step 1: are you ready for contact?

• When to initiate contact

A. Quiz: are you ready for contact?

• Step 2: one month to reunion

• Part 1-you

a. Must read

b. How to start being single

c. What to do about your ex

• Part 2-your ex

a. The direct method

b. The indirect method

c. Quiz: how to tell if your ex still has feelings for you

• Step 3- the other person in your ex’s life

• Step 4-key to getting them to commit

• If you get back together…now what?

• If you have to move on…

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In this review, I will share with you the valuable studies through experiences of many others who have gone through this and have compiled them all into a whole package which starts from understanding what you feel, helping you through the process of healing in preparing you to get ready for initial contact with your ex to work on the relationship and get back together again.

Ex Recovery System Map

The map shows you and helps you understand the stages of emotions you go through during a break-up and indicate when you’re ready for first contact. The map is very accurate in charting what I’ve been through emotionally during my own break-up.

Ex Recovery Interactive Journal

This acts as a personal record of your feelings to exorcise the negative emotions out of you, so to speak. This helps you to begin the healing process.

Ex Recovery 3-in-1 Bonus

This provides an exact blueprint, examples and templates to get an ex back and talks about writing the first contact letter and phone call and,  if trust related issues are the cause of the break-up, how to make an appropriate apology towards your ex.

Ex Recovery  System Unadvertised Bonus “Sure Signs You Still Have a Chance to Win Your Ex Back”

This imparts important information on actions and signals that your ex may show indicating he still thinks about you.

Clues Indicating Your Ex’s True Feelings

  • Showing any kind of emotions towards you or your actions
  • Keeping some sort of contact
  • Using the push and pull psychology
  • Being competitive
      As a whole, I highly recommend this program for the precise reason that the author put a lot of effort into writing this to really help anyone who’s going through this difficult ordeal. It’s never easy, especially when you’re struggling to get a firm grip of your emotions which is the main reason why it’s hard for any of us to get back with our ex. Unlike a lot of other programs which touch on only a few concerns, this particular one covers an extensive area of relationship issues and how to address them and if you are looking for answers, this program provides the best solutions. I must say this is the best program I’ve studied so far that deals with this topic. All men and women who are looking to repair their relationship are highly advised to follow this step by step program.


Click here to check out this program if you don’t want to lose your ex forever… ex recovery system content ex recovery system content ex recovery system step 1-where to go from here? are you emotionally ready? ex recovery system step 1-are you ready for contact? ex recovery system step 2- One month to reunion ex recovery system part 2-Your ex ex recovery system step 3- The other person in your ex's life ex recovery system step 4- Key to getting them to commit

Click here to check out this program if you don’t want to lose your ex forever…