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Ending a relationship is a tough thing to do. It takes a lot out of you. It’s mentally, physically and emotionally draining. What I discovered invaluable during my difficult break-up was knowing there are millions of people going through the same pain. It’s funny I remember thinking, I would rather endure physical pain which I know in a few days will heal with medicine. But heartache, only time can tell when it will heal. And time is infinite. Winning back your ex can sometimes be the only cure.

Get Your Ex Chasing, Begging and Pleading After you

Try A Little Introspection

Going through a break-up is an opportune time to go through self analysis. It gives you time to ponder on the great and wonderful things you’ve been taking for granted with your ex. As the saying goes “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. At this moment, no quote would be more befitting. Take the time to look into flaws within yourself, such as what didn’t you do to make the relationship work, do you like yourself as a person, and more importantly, can you change.

Helpful Ideas to For You to Practice

how to win back your ex

When you’ve had time to think through this, it’s time to take drastic steps in winning back your ex. You’ve both had space to think, and the anger has dissipated, it’s time to get that spark back into the relationship. I was ever so grateful to have discovered a very helpful guide to help me, and I’m sure it would help you as well in winning back your ex. ‘101 Romantic Ideas’ by: Michael Webb gave me ideas to rekindle that elusive love affair I so craved. It helped me through my rough patch and even made the romance endure many years after.

Idea #1:  Write a short note on a post it saying “I thought of you today and it made me smile.”

Idea #2:  Organize a mystery trip.

Idea #3: Listen to the things your partner reminisces about when he/ she was younger and jot them down.

These small yet thoughtful things would show your ex that you listen whenever he/she is thinking out loud about what he/she remembers no matter how mundane. This acknowledges the fact that you were always there for your partner during the relationship. Listening is always very important and even more so, acting on the needs of your partner. One sure way in winning your ex back is acting on the many things that he/she shared with you

Get Your Ex Chasing, Begging and Pleading After you

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